The update you’ve all been waiting for! We used Lands in Season 1 but things are a little different this time around so pay attention and read everything! We will also update the wiki with this information too.

Time Based Rewards
Like previously, rewards are time based. Previously when you ranked up, that is when you would earn rewards. Now, you can earn rewards based on playtime which means more rewards more frequently. The current reward values are as follows:

Costs and Taxes
In order to stimulate the economy, owning and operating Lands requires a few Spinels.

Note: If you play to play alone, there is no cost for Lands with you as the sole member

By default, everyone can create 2 Lands and Claim 5 Chunks. (5 and 25 for Subs). After this, Land creation costs 100 Spinels. After you use up your free chunks, additional chunks will cost 25 Spinels. There’s also something called Upkeep. Upkeep is taxes that you (the Land Owner) pay to the server in order for our gracious generosity to let you build and protect. There is no upkeep costs for Settlements with 0-3 members. Upkeep costs start with Villages (4 members). You can learn more about upkeep costs in the Land Levels below. Upkeep costs are paid every 15 days are are 25 Spinels Per chunk. Of course you don’t want to pay the server upkeep costs out of pocket…that’s why you get your members to pay taxes! Taxes are paid every 10 days, and can be a max of 1000 Spinels. Taxes are up to you to decide, so if you have a great area that people want to be a part of, you can charge them the appropriate amount of taxes. Taxes go to your Land Bank, which can be accessed with those who have the correct role. You can keep the Spinels in the Bank for Upkeep costs, or withdraw for personal use.

Other things to note:

Land Levels
Leveling up your Land is a great way to get more features and improve the ranking of your Land in the Helix. The Land Levels are as follows:

0 Members
No Bonuses
No Upkeep Cost
4 Members
Gets you 1 extra chunk
5% Upkeep Cost
8 Members
Gets you 2 extra chunks
10% upkeep cost
4 members
Gets you 4 extra chunks
25% upkeep cost
24 Members
Gets you 8 extra chunks
30% upkeep cost

Nations are a great way to work together. Create your own Land and level it up, and then partner up with other cities to create a nation. All Nations must be named after the nearest Waystone. Only 1 Nation can occupy a waystone at a time.

0 Members
No Bonuses
10 Members
20 Bonus Chunks
20% Upkeep
64 Members
30 chunks
30% upkeep

If you have questions or need help with Lands, please let us know. Make sure to read all the information carefully! We’ll adjust pricing/rates if need be but I believe it should be fairly balanced.

Pwarps will be removed by the end of the day. Since you can teleport to your land, and we want to further encourage Waystone usage, they are no longer necessary.